Economic Indicator For Chrysler

The CarGeek visited a Chrysler dealership in his local market.  This dealer is an established company like many dealerships in the market.   CarGeek took a stroll to do a little sticker shopping to see what was available. You know the drill.  Usually the salespeople are lined in the cubical lined showroom.  They usually see [...]

The CarGeek is Twitter’in

Follow the CarGeek on Twitter for short spurts of automotive news. If you are not familiar with Twitter yet, you soon will be. Look us up at Twitter.com/CarGeek. Don’t forget to follow the CarGeek for automotive news, car pricing, car financing, car insurance advice and all this affecting your automotive experience. Don’t forget to follow [...]

GM Will Write Checks on Your Checking Account for 5 More Yrs.

Is it arrogant to pledge things you do not have? If your are being forced into bankruptcy because you operated on credit all of your career, how prudent is it to pledge the good will of the American people?

GM Chevy Volt – Hope, Hype or Hot Potato?

More news was issued today on the Chevy Volt. More mis-information coming out of the government propaganda machine. The headlines announced on CNBC earlier this morning: 230 MPG in City Driving! 300 Mile Range Electric Car Operations cost = Three (3) cents per mile Drive Coast to Coast on one tank of gas. 230 MPG? [...]


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