The CarGeek Buys Mrs. CarGeek a New Toyota Highlander

There comes a time in every man’s life when he has to buy “The Misses” a new car.  Even if you are the CarGeek, and you talk car stuff every day, it can be painful to go through the process of buying a new car. The vehicle of her choice was a Toyota Highlander.  We [...]

Is Now The Time to Buy? – Things Seem Pretty Crazy

Financing is becoming increasingly diffuclut in the US.  Sub-prime mortgages have caused ALL financial institutions to conserve capital.  Banks and financial institutions know that as capitalization of other financial firms drops, the easier it will be to acquire a smaller bank or financial institution.  This has presented a problem to car buyers. Other common problems [...]

Economic Indicator For Chrysler

The CarGeek visited a Chrysler dealership in his local market.  This dealer is an established company like many dealerships in the market.   CarGeek took a stroll to do a little sticker shopping to see what was available. You know the drill.  Usually the salespeople are lined in the cubical lined showroom.  They usually see [...]

GM Volt is D.O.A. at $41,000 – GM Rewrites Stats

In August of last year GM touted the car that would salvage the company, the Chevy Volt. We could not believe the claims then.  Now that the vehicle will be release soon, they are leaving out the original claims of driving coast-to-coast on one tank of gas, a 3,000 mile range.  Our CarGeek response is [...]


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